(Read Kaj-anne Pepper’s blog here.)

I create performance, dance, and installation exploring our world, notions of self and the queer art of creation.

My work exists in the collision between aspects of my self – dancer, performance artist and drag provocateur.

I am a kinesthetic post-realness drag queen. I aim to investigate the magic and ritual inherit in transgression, defiance and trickery. I bastardize tradition. I am a faggot bastard queen ready to play.

My time-based works have been performed in various guises including guerilla public action and protest, in nightclubs and cabarets, and as full length dance and theatre productions. Rope, mylar, trash, duct tape, make up, mirrors, wool, booze, fire, inks, balloons, and pepto bismol are materials that recur in my work. The characters I inhabit are often whimsical, creepy, and intense, functioning as exalted exaggerations of myth and self.

I engage multiple mediums through my performance work including sound collage, writing, choreography, video, and costume as soft sculpture. All these elements come together to manifest as live artwork.


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