Wren: Float #5

What is coming through the most strongly in my musings on this experience is the sense of timelessness and the need for patience and acceptance in order to enjoy the moment. My brain will hum and purr until the next thing I experience is coming back into consciousness after being away from myself for some unknown period of time. Then I must simply be. There is no knowing how long I’ve been away, or how long I still have to lay here, pondering the darkness. There is only liminal space. There is only my consciousness. And then there is the music.

The profound effects of this experience haven’t come in the tank. My life has shifted and changed in so many incredible ways since I began this project. The clarity that has come through the stillness in the areas of my passion, creativity, vocation, dharma and relationships since February has undeniable links to these floats. Accessing that still place in myself where I am able to listen deeply and respond from a place of complete presence with my own center – my own consciousness – with nothing else clouding my actions. I am finding it is from that place of stillness, the most distilled and potent action arise.

Taking the time to breathe, be ok with what is – time being irrelevant, foreknowledge being irrelevant and unknowable, just be with it. Then move.


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