Estelle: Float #4

Oasis tank again.  Though it was easier to relax this time, I’ve decided I prefer the Deep Ocean tank.  It will be interesting going back and comparing the two styles, now that I am more comfortable with this wonderful therapy. I felt like I relaxed much more deeply in this tank, my deepest float.  But, the feeling of the edges on my feet in this style tank really bugs me, in a disturbing way that disrupts my float just enough for me to make a decision.  It is the strangest thing to notice.  I think it’s a combination of being incredibly aware of any touch sensation in the tank and then my feet being simultaneously highly sensitive and desensitized from years of dance; two times during this float, I jolted to alertness at the feeling of my foot touching the flapping edges in this style tank.  I prefer the smooth edges of the deep ocean tank, decidedly.  The feeling of calm afterwards is consistent with both styles of tanks for me, but if I have to choose, it’s the taller one I prefer for the overall experience.  I was glad this wasn’t a longer float.  After each time my feet touched the edge I was slightly disrupted, I simply allowed myself to move around a little, played with movement, got myself to the top part of the tank, near my head and found stillness again.  When moving, I love how slowly you can move in this state.  A couple times, because I was moving so slowly, I felt as if the water had more density to it, like it became more of a gelatinous fluid than water.  Fun playing with movement in this float.  And, then the stillness and just my heartbeat moving the water…I love that place.  At the end of this float I found myself meditating in an interesting position: hands over head, palms together; feet together as well, legs in a diamond shape.  I tried to maintain this position with as little effort as possible.  Fun.  Lovely.


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