Tere: Float #3

Thoughts of dissolving, of disappearing filter through my mind. My body an everchanging imprint in the water, ready to disappear. Images of Ocean waves and water, of stepping in sand and feeling watching your feet sink and disappear. How the waves each take you deeper into the sand. Of the water’s ability to wash and contour and dissolve.

Images of small gestures, of water seeping into my cells, flowing seaweed and grass motions, of water striders and dragonflies gliding across pond waters.

Drifting deep, back down into the water and darkness.

After awhile I noticed a low vibration sound distant almost like the sound of an electric bass, rumbling. This sound kept returning.

About three quarters the way through, I begin to feel a bit dizzy, not quite nauseous – vertigo has always been a sensation I noticed, but mostly a fun ride, a disorientation that circled back into my center. This was a little different — it crept up on me; it was not overwhelming, but left me feeling uneasy, uncomfortable.

Is this the motion sickness Taka was talking about?

It took several hours for this feeling to completely disappear.


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