Kaj-anne: Float #4

Fight the urge to contract out of the unspinning

reflex – spasm wake up as I tip over on the edge
neck neck neck cradle head in biceps – it’s cute
level the sacrum and sitz in the water
fight by not fighting – resist by accepting
accept the woman voice in the lobby, accept you will itch dreadfully on the nose, accept it might be boring, accept the wormhole, accept the descent falling accept the breath, the heartbeat the only sounds you will know intimately – accept the breath of the darkness
accept the breath of the darkness and the darkness breathes into me.
shadow requires light. we are pitched into void
fartbox- familiar human smell – bringing it back to an animal condition. I’m addicted to my phone. Tethered like little sappy strings- did my ringtone just go off? I gotta check it immediately – it’s a furthering of the spell “I’m GONNA MISS OUT ON SOMETHING” i’ts a nasty spell that the tank is healing.
when I loosen the tether it has on my ears I fall gracefully into the dark
a pile of salt- cell phone drama – darkness as a figure – reach above the neck to the space below me
strenum- sternum pop

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