Tere: Float #2

Immediacy. In the present. Clearing the mind to feel, sense, open itself to only sensations. The sensation of falling of being moved, of letting go, of being supported by the velvety water. Dissolving into the water, into the darkness.

Exploring simple movement, primitive, developmental head and tail, folding arms, legs feeling the sea weed quality of the spine, the movement of salamander.

Small movements mean a lot – the soft flow of water shifting in waves around and under me. As I leave consciousness a small muscle twitches in my leg, arm, shoulder, and brings me back to this place.

Little bubbles float up at the back of my neck, tickling me.

I am challenged to let go of time – how long had it been? how much longer do I have? Questions fill my head. Letting the darkness overcome and release me into timelessness – the state of being present in the now place and more fully present in the sensation of my self, my body. Timeless – not in the sense of eternal but in the sense of No Time. Are these the same?

This float was quite delicious. Yet, I have not yet felt complete letting go.


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