Estelle: Float #2

7 AM.

Float number 2 was clouded somewhat by an injury I sustained yesterday.  It was still wonderful and highly therapeutic, but I was aware of some certain differences in this float, again though, having to do with the heightened sense of feel…

Some background: Sunday morning I was doing some gardening and a fairly low rock wall collapsed underneath my footing and though I mostly got out of the way, I didn’t get away before a small boulder bit my ankle – ouch!  Must have hit a nerve on the bone because it was numb and immobile initially.  After some TLC to the surrounding muscles and bones from my loving partner and myself, it felt fine and I walked on it a bit and determined it could wait for ice (in retrospect, it probably would have been better to ice it right away, but whatever – it was clearly in that rush of adrenaline mode coursing with endorphins), so I kept working on it.  It really did feel fine until….I stopped moving.  Then it just wanted to be immobile and up and iced, so I did.  I was looking forward to my early morning float.

I woke with a better ankle, but it was tender.  Another Deep Ocean tank.  I do like this style, but am excited to see the Oasis style too.  Washed off and rinsed my hair, turned off the light and happily entered the darkness, the quiet.  Once again noticing I don’t like my head near the boarder, which is probably another reason I like floating with my hands outstretched above my head.  Without gravity, the whole spine elongates, it’s lovely.  Since my last float, I’ve been keenly aware of gravity, particularly if my arms are above my head when I’m lying down. I definitely did not sleep this time.   I think because I was focused on the healing process in my ankle, my awareness was heightened. I kept finding places in my body to relax. I still thoroughly enjoyed the flying through space feeling, the complete weightlessness, the still, the quiet, only my heartbeat.  But, it felt too short this time.  When the music began to play, I wasn’t ready. I reluctantly sat up, reminded myself to be glad for the session and began the post float cleaning ritual.

Now that it’s later and some time has passed today, my ankle is remarkably better 🙂  I can see why athletes – dancers – would especially cherish this therapy.

And, now the ensuing calm….


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