Taka: Float #3

It was longer, I felt. The tank seems to be a bit smaller, but after I put myself in it, it doesn’t feel like it. Somehow I’m floating a lot more than the last two. “more” as in more buoyancy.

I think of the infinity pool that rich people owns. The one that looks out to the vast landscape as you’re in the pool, which you cannot see the end of the pool. Not sure why. The color of the pool is not the artificial blue that they paint on the wall of the pool. The one I’m seeing has a color of dark blue, darker than navy blue jeans. Almost black.

In this tank, even though there is no light, I don’t see black. I usually associate invisibility with blackness, but now I’m having a second thought on that. What is the color of invisibility. No color. that’s easy to say. Maybe color is not just a visual stimuli, but more to do with mental association, feelings, and physical sensation.

the floaty feeling after the float is not as strong as last one today. Maybe more next time.


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