Kaj-anne: Float #2

Ritual. Sit breathe strip

Shower, let the day drip off- dry

Address the body- pat self down – do a round of sun salutation


Apply Petroleum Jelly to the gorgeous blister on my left foot.

rub my heart with palm clockwise 40times

– This time I was in the big tank where you could stand up. I thought this was nice… it made the room more spacious but less warm somehow.

I used ear plugs this time so I really was quite desensitized with hearing and sound… except I can hear when my teeth grind against each other in their relationship and it’s slow attrition.

I promptly fall asleep floating and wake myself up with dramatic involuntary jerks that splash salt water in my eyes.

I get up and rinse that off. and ask for the water to be heated up anther degree.

My nose is stuffy and I’m thinking— I should really get some breathe right nasal strips cause air flow has stopped in my left nostril.

I assume the “hands behind head congratulations pose” and gently “lift” my occipital atlas away from my shoulders and because I’m floating in a magic womb-tomb it stays and I can relax into it!

There are many involuntary jerks… I bounce around and I keep think I see faces of people I knew in a different time, era, life, experience. Floating portraits in the black sky of my water room. The womb-tomb is dark and warm and I invite the warm dark pitch black to meet the hidden dark in me. It’s a curious pouring effect a curious replacing of pitch black with metaphor. I’m trying to invite something that I cannot see or see within but I can see INTO, inside a space, a darkness I can only feel, and contain.

“We’re all pink on the inside”

Things get fun and interesting when I do tai-chi standing up in the float water. Things get even more interesting when I lay my head back in the water and fall into the stillness and immediately hear the most beautiful symphonies, the most demanding synth leads rising to a never ending crescendo – only to realize that is probably the sound of brain cells dying because I haven’t got enough oxygen to my brain – DAMN SLEEP APNEA !

“Is this sanctuary?”

The salt burns my left foot but I praise it and give gratitude for the pain which reminds me to stay awake amidst the temptation to sleep – while floating naked in a spaceship.


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