Wren: Float #2

Carried a lot into the tank with me this time as well. Went trying to have a clear mind but continually caught myself with clutter filling my head.

Early in the float I began to see a tom of visuals that I’ve had numerous times in the past. I call it the “wormhole” as it looks as though I am being pulled or flying or being invited, or shown the way (that’s it) into the space directly in front and away from me. In this case, up into darkness. It was a red pulse this time but it has been green, purple, yellow and blue also in the past.

That dissipated after a while and gave way to semi-conscious bursts of lucid presence and semi-unconscious periods of brain chatter, from which I would catch myself in and feel somewhat anxious and guilty coming out of, but always moved back into stillness and calm.

My body feels relaxed and well but my mind is still very troubled.


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