Kirsten: Float #1b

7 PM.

(First two are “1a and 1b” because I’d forgotten to schedule all late-night ones, wondering what a float would be like at all times of the day. Daytime and evening floats are an hour and half, so each count as “half a float” for the project.)


Today’s is this evening, just before dusk. Yesterday chose to let go of the past and fully say yes to my own life. Now we launch into it.

Intention: to come to a deeper/greater clarity and understanding re: balance of masculine and feminine in myself and how I can receive and dance with that balance in my own life, bring it to the world.


Wow. Spent what seemed like much of that float wanting it to be over, “waiting for something to happen.”  Big message of being un/comfortable with “nothing happening” (visions, dreams, psychedelic unfoldings). This time the right arm jerked once. Also swore I heard a dolphin sound. Went into dreamland for a bit but don’t remember it. Very aware of breathing, didn’t really start deep breathing till the end. Shallow breathing keeping me “stuck” in one place. Stillness and motion happening below conscious awareness. Also got a text just before that I let stress me out a little, spent the first bit of the float breathing through that, noticing how I tend to hold other people’s stress in my left ovary as an attempt to take care of them. Old habit illuminated in tank.

Main message: Learning more about the many facets of the void. Learning comfort within perceived non-motion, within void space.


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